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ESD prevention training

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The basics of ESD prevention!

Everything that may come into contact with electronic components should be free of static electricity. This can be done by introducing technical improvements, making changes to working procedures, and training people who work with electronic components.

ESD training for a realistic approach

During the training, participants see how vulnerable electronic systems are and what can happen if they are damaged. With this knowledge in mind, it is easy to understand why steps must be taken to prevent damage to electronic systems. Knowledge transfer is the main focus of this training, but....... it is just as important for the people on the training to be given the opportunity to understand for themselves why ESD prevention is necessary.

One day training or Workshop - first day.

Part One: the basics

  1. The core and solution of the ESD problem
  2. Demonstration of static electricity, electrostatic fields and ESD
  3. Results of the analyses of various ESD defects in electronic systems
  4. Latent ESD damage
  5. Errors observed during an ESD audit
  6. how to deal with "static generators"
  7. Demonstrations of checks and tests for personal ESD equipment
  8. Demonstration of how a range of ESD equipment and procedures work
  9. Practical rules and recommendations for the working in an EPA (ESD Protected Area) and in the "field"
  10. Common misunderstandings, erroneous routine procedures and pitfalls.

Part two: technical and policy

  1. Example of an ESD prevention plan according to the IEC/EN/NEN 61340-5-1/2:2016 standard
  2. Audit system (Minimum requirements for compliance)
  3. ESD-policy and corperate ESD statement
  4. Key elements of an effective ESD program
  5. Responsebilities: procesowner, supervisors, ESD coordinators, other personel
  6. Priorities ESD-means
  7. Example EPA directive.

Workshop - second day

Part three: ESD-standard

  1. Key points ESD control program (IEC/EN/NEN 61340-5-1)
  2. ESD coordinator
  3. Tailoring
  4. ESD control program administrative and technical requirements
  5. ESD control program and training plan
  6. Compliance verification plan
  7. ESD and EPA checklists
  8. Grounding/equipotential bonding systems
  9. Personnel grounding
  10. ESD protected areas (EPA
  11. Packaging and marking.

Part four: measurements

  1. Measuring
  2. Resistance and probes
  3. Compliance verification
  4. Electrostatic field meters
  5. ESD event indicator
  6. IEC 61340-4-5 document, shoes and flooring
  7. Resistance and chargeability test procedure
  8. Calculation results
  9. Test Report
  10. Demo measurements and "hands on".

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