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ESD course and training

Protect electronic systems from ESD!

ESD course and training: protect electronic systems from ESD. The goal of ESD prevention is make it impossible for static electricity and ESD to affect the reliability of your electronic systems. ESD prevention results in:

Preventing ESD in advance is a lot more economical than making repairs later!

What's really needed!

The point is that investing in ESD prevention measures must also produce a sound return in your specific situation. The points below are often decisive when it comes to choosing ESD measures:

The ESD courses describe and demonstrate the most effective ESD prevention measures. It should be clear what you really need in your specific situation before you purchase ESD resources. Not all available ESD measures are equally useful and efficient in every situation.

ESD courses: season

ESDsite specialises in motivational courses and training programmes that target cost-effective ESD prevention. Any ESD prevention depends entirely on the latest, relevant, information about ESD being available to anyone who comes into contact with electronic systems that are sensitive to ESD, such as electronic components or printed circuit boards. Clearly, the most effective way of acquiring the relevant expertise is to attend a good ESD course. This link will take you directly to an overview of the Dutch courses, and a description of the length and duration of the various courses. Most ESD courses are also available in English. You can find more information in English on this page.


If you wish to see whether you need ESD prevention in your circumstances (and which ESD standard), and to decide which type of prevention you need, our brief, free, ESD introduction can provide you with the information you need in-house at no expense. You will be given the opportunity to find out which ESD course is the right one for you.


For more information about the ESD courses, course locations, course dates and costs, call:
R. van Vliet: +31 645 500 900
You can find more contact information on the contact page if you wish to ask for more information about ESD courses, consultancy etc. with no obligation.

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